Quality Policy


The main objective of DISGAPRE’s Quality Policy is to achieve the full satisfaction of its customers and the expectations of interested parties, both current and potential, demonstrating the required capacity.

To this end, it has been developed and implemented the Quality Management System contained in this Manual in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

The Management is responsible for the management of the Company before the customers, committing itself to the continuous improvement of quality in order to achieve results that guarantee the good present and future performance of the Company. Employees and customers are encouraged to make suggestions to improve our level of quality.

The guidelines that are established for the achievement of the objective are:

Periodic reviews of the Quality Management System to ensure its permanent updating, identification of interested parties and their expectations.
Analysis of the context of the organization, evaluation of risks and threats and planning of actions for their control.
Integration of all departments of the Company. Quality is everyone’s task, therefore, it is necessary the participation of all the company’s personnel, encouraging teamwork both in prevention and in the analysis of problems and continuous improvement.
Education, motivation and training of the personnel for the correct performance of their work, as well as for the permanent concern for the total satisfaction of the client.
Fulfill the expectations of our customers trying to offer a solution to each problem according to their needs.
To offer as far as possible the services demanded by our clients.

DISGAPRE management is responsible for all staff have sufficient training and motivation to accept its Quality Policy.

Any person of DISGAPRE, whose activities may be directly or indirectly affected by the requirements contained in this Manual, is obliged to strict compliance with these.